I’m a Python developer, and run a development agency, Stochastic Technologies. We’re available for hire. Email me for more information.

Why choose me/my agency for your project?

  • I will try to help you make your vision a reality. I have extensive experience in both the technical and the business side of a company, and I can help you with getting your company off the ground in all areas.
  • I have more than ten years of experience in Python, and about half of that in creating and running businesses.
  • I love development overall, and have gathered lots of relevant experience because of this (this site should provide ample evidence).
  • My passion is creating things users will love, and engaging with people to improve the products.
  • I build maintainable, scalable and extensible applications.


  • I’m mainly a Python/Django developer, but, with Stochastic, we try to work with people from various backgrounds, especially the hard sciences.
  • I have many years of experience of running products from a business perspective, and understand how businesses are run, from the market research to UI to support.

My work

  • Since my list of projects is so long and varied, it exists in a few places. You can have a look at my personal résumé/GitHub profile or my company’s portfolio/GitHub profile, but there are lots of other stuff that didn’t fit in either list.
  • Mainly, my experience is in Python, mostly web development with Django, but I’ve taken a liking to Go recently.
  • Other parts of my professional self include interaction design, analytics and improving metrics, business development, etc.
  • I’ve got a background in Machine Learning (from the University College London).

Technologies I’ve worked with

  • This section is a bit too large and general to list. I love PostgreSQL, Redis, Django and nginx, but if it’s got something to do with web development and Python, I’ve probably worked with it.

Other hobbies

  • I enjoy a bit of novice hardware hacking, reading about psychology (especially cognitive biases and what makes people tick), and learning languages (programming and human).

More about me

  • I’m @stavros on Twitter, you can find me there, if you like.
  • I’m also StavrosK on HN, if that’s where you frequent.
  • I like receiving email from people.

If you need any development done (or just want to say hi), I’d love it if you emailed me.