Today was a very important day for me. I logged on to my site to reconfigure something, and I saw some new comments posted. When I read them, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had my first flamer! I am posting the first comment below, for posterity:

> abou u malaka e; ti vlakas\
> Submitted by Anonymous ( on Thu, 20/10/2005 - 05:42.

> abou u malaka e; ti vlakas anthrwpos thee mou...pata sth gh
> paliolinatsa poutanoksekoliara poutsomounoxeilou kariolomouna
> paparologe malakokefale poutsogleiftra kolovlaxe

This roughly translates to… Err.. Well, it’s a string of obscenities. The English language is really not as good at curseword variety as Greek, so I cannot directly translate words such as “dickpussylipper” (yes, the words are top-notch, such that only the mind of an eight-year-old could concoct), which together with the other comments loosely translates to “U r dumb, u suk, omg get of ur hi horse”. I never thought a day would come that I would be graced with this honour. Indeed, a flamer is the highest of all fans, and shows that you don’t go unnoticed.

I would like to thank this anonymous TUC student for this honour (in all earnest, I am not being sarcastic here), and promise to continue doing whatever it is that pisses him (I have a pretty good idea on who it is) off so much while being quite indifferent to me. One flames equals a hundred praises, and for this I am deeply grateful.

See you tomorrow at school.