These last few days I have been trying to get my new pet project (Moneygement, it’s going to be a free budget/finances management web app) going. So far I have implemented the OpenID signins (yay for OpenID, I love it, I hope everything that is, was and ever will be uses it) and I have gathered some ideas on the functionality.

So, I was looking around for nice flash charts to use to display statistics because it’s going to be the most important part of the app (I think they really help in showing you how much you spend and where) and found maani’s XML/SWF Charts which look good but cost $45.

As I was looking around on how to implement the charts on my site I came upon a Drupal forums post on a XML/SWF charts module. This post suggested that the author try another flash graph applet, the open flash chart.

I headed over there and downloaded it, only to find that it is much better than maani’s and open source. It looks similar to maani’s and has much the same features (without some flashiness like jumping graphs which I didn’t really like) but it’s free and I get the source code. The guy who made certainly deserves congratulations, if that app gets anywhere I will definitely send him some cash, just because he didn’t ask for it.

Bottom line, if you ever need any flash charts/graphs, head over to the Open Flash Chart, it is all you will ever need. While we’re at it, if anyone wants to be notified on the status of Moneygement or has any ideas they would like me to implement, please post comments here. If there’s enough interest, I will open a low traffic mailing list to notify you.