Pronounce "gyros" correctly, impress your friends!

In a recent discussion on reddit, it seems that a lot people are wondering how the word “gyros” is actually pronounced. As a Greek, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to clear this right up, authoritatively demonstrating exactly how it’s done.

Here’s how a Greek (me) pronounces the word “gyros” (you might have to enable plugins or something to listen to this, it’s a SoundCloud recording):

While we’re on the subject, “gyros” is the singular. You would say “I would like a gyros” (YEE-ros). In actual Greek, you’d use the accusative case, and say “I would like a gyro. This gyros is delicious.”, but that’s too advanced for now.

If you want two of them, you’d say “I would like two gyri” (pronounced YEE-ree) (again, the accusative would be “I would like two gyrous. These gyri are amazing.”). A reddit commenter remarked that, in Australia, it’s transliterated phonetically as “yiros”, which makes much more sense than straight-up transliterating the Greek letters in γύρος.

So, there you go. Everything you never wanted to know about gyros.