A few days ago, I tried to switch to BuySellAds to do my advertising. I figured that if I could get enough money to give the server a bit more memory, everyone’s experience would be improved. You may also have noticed that I changed the site’s domain from poromenos.org to korokithakis.net.

I tried to join the site a week ago and they turned down my application. When I asked them, they said that I didn’t have enough views. Fair enough, they must be using Alexa’s ranking to decide which sites to accept, although I was puzzled because I do have enough views.

Then, I got an idea, and tried to register with the old domain, which passed. “Okay”, I thought, “that’s fine, how can they know what the old domain was?”, even though they didn’t bother to ask me when I emailed them.

So, I added my site, put up a nice banner and waited for advertisers to buy space. I checked it regularly but nobody had added anything yet, so I left it and decided to check the next day. Before leaving, I thought I’d rename to the new URL to make it consistent, so I did.

Coming back the next day, I tried to change my stats, but my site had been removed without so much as a warning. It was just gone (my account still works). Not only they didn’t bother to email me notifying me (let alone asking) about it, but they didn’t even check to see where the old and new URLs went. I have now sent them four emails a week ago, and I haven’t heard a single word from them.

So, yes. If you want an advertiser who will pull your ads without asking and then not give you the time of day, I’d go with them. If they do this with ads, I can only imagine what they do with the money you have earned.

UPDATE: Someone from BuySellAds contacted me regarding this article, he apologised about not receiving my support tickets and reenabled my site. He was very polite and assured me that my site would not get declined again, so I decided to give them another shot. Apparently they weren’t answering my messages because they weren’t receiving them, which I can believe because they did answer my first email pretty quickly. Hopefully my experience will turn into a positive one!