I just read an article that basically argued that having sex saves you money (no prostitute jokes here please), so in the spirit of said article I would like to contribute my own reasons to have sex. Well, actually, it’s only one reason. Here it is:

One reason to have sex:

  1. It feels good.

Seriously, we get it. Sex makes you look younger, lose weight, save money, cures cancer and gives you a raise at work (unless you’re a man, when it gets you fired, sadly). Let me sum this up for you article writers: SEX HAS NO DOWNSIDES1. Noone fucking needs to be convinced to have sex. Seriously. Find something better to do with your time, like, oh, have sex. Or masturbate. Same thing, fewer people.


P.S. I just published this post and saw the node number. I totally didn’t do that. This can only mean one thing: DRUPAL AGREES.

  1. Yeah yeah, STDs, unwanted pregnancies and crap. OK, if you are careful, it has no downsides. Pedants.