So, yesterday I took a day off and decided to create something. I wanted to use a new web framework and various other things to create a service, so I decided to create an IMDB API for accessing shows’ episode names.

For my web framework, I used Bottle. It’s very easy to write in (the whole thing took a minute to learn) and very light (only one file to include). I initially started with Juno but gave up and ported to Bottle after Juno didn’t include instructions on how to run it in Apache+WSGI.

For the model layer I used the ever-useful SQL Alchemy, which was much easier to work with now than earlier versions, and the community over at IRC was very helpful.

Instructions on how to use the API are on its front page, and I plan to add a module in my episode renamer to interface with it (no more page scraping). Let me know what you think!