I just switched webhosts, I went with A small orange. I had heard many good things about them, and I reviewed their offerings. They offer everything FuitadNET does, but they have Ruby and Python support. I signed up for the small plan, which is $5/mo (I paid $7.5 at FuitadNET) but I have 400 MB of space and 10 GB of traffic per month (I only use about 150 and 1 respectively). The support is helpful and prompt and the speed is FAAAAST. FTP feels like the files are at my home pc (with FuitadNET it took about a second for FTP changes) and it actually works (FuitadNET upgraded their firewall and broke it, and they had way too much downtime for my tastes).

I will see how it goes with this host, but so far I am very pleased.